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Brake Repair

Timberwood Lube provides comprehensive, quality brake repair including brake pads, rotors and fluid inspections for drivers throughout the San Antonio, TX area.

Car Brake

What is a Brake Check?

A routine brake check can give you the peace of mind that they’re in proper working order, keeping everyone safe.  Stop in today for a brake inspection, especially if your brakes squeak or grind when you press them to stop your car. 

Signs You Need Your Brakes Repaired

Generally, your brake pads will need to be replaced every 50,000 miles but the timeframe is dependent on your vehicle and driving habits. Common signs that your vehicle needs brake service or repair include:

Brake Operation Inspction

Unusual Noises

Any type of unusual noise coming from your vehicle is a sure sign that it needs to be inspected by a professional. When your brakes are starting to fail, you may notice squealing, squeaking, or grinding noises.

Steering Wheel Shakes or Vibrations

An uneven brake rotor can cause your steering wheel to shake or vibrate when you are pressing your brake pedal. In all vehicles, you want your rotors to be an even thickness, but normal wear and tear can change that. 

Noticeable Difference in Braking Resistance

Have you noticed that you have to stop sooner when approaching a stop sign, light, or another vehicle? Do you have to push your brake pedal nearly to the floor to stop? These are both a sign that you need immediate brake service!

Pulling to One Side While Braking

Unbalanced stopping could happen if one of your brake calipers is applying more pressure than the rest. 

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