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Regular tune-ups are the key to ensuring your ride runs smoothly and reliably, no matter where the road takes you. Discover why tune-ups are crucial for San Antonio drivers and how Timberwood Lube's expert services can keep your vehicle performing at its best.

Spark Plug for Tune-Up

What is an Engine Tune-Up?

Many people believe that you only need to get a tune-up when your engine starts to show signs of trouble or your vehicle’s efficiency starts to reduce. A tune-up isn’t a cure-all for a troubled engine and is, in fact, something that all automobile owners should prioritize when it comes to the maintenance of their cars and trucks.

Most Tune-Ups Prioritize the Following

Engine Oil and Filter

Regular engine oil and filter changes improve fuel economy, extend engine life, and improve the overall performance of a vehicle. This is an essential step in the tune-up process and is a maintenance practice every car owner should schedule every 3,000 miles.

Air Filter Replacement

Replacing the air filter during a tune-up can have several long-term benefits. New air filters keep engines clean, boost fuel economy and help keep the vehicle running smoothly.

Spark Plugs

Without properly functioning spark plugs, engines can misfire, leading to reduced power and fuel efficiency as well as increased pollutants. During a tune-up, technicians inspect the spark plug condition to ensure that the engine is able to operate at peak capacity.

Computer Diagnostics

During a tune-up, a technician will use computer diagnostics to detect any issues with the engine, fuel system, transmission, or other components that could be impacting performance.



Ignition System

During a tune-up, a technician will check the condition of the ignition system where they inspect the spark plugs, wires, distributor cap, and rotor arm for any signs of wear or damage.

Fuel Filter

Replacing the fuel filter during a tune-up ensures that the fuel system remains clean and free of particles, contaminants, and other debris from entering the combustion chamber, which can cause damage to the engine over time.

PVC Valve

This critical component helps to regulate airflow and fuel pressure within the engine. Checking it for clogs and damage is essential during a tune-up, as a damaged PVC valve can result in performance issues.

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