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Transmission Services

It is vital to get prompt transmission repair when needed. A bad transmission can affect everything from your car’s performance to its fuel efficiency.  The transmission transfers the power produced by the engine to the car’s drive shaft.  It allows your engine to move at different speeds while controlling power and efficiency.

Vehicle Transmission

Transmission Services

Eventually, your car will age or something could go wrong that leads to the need for transmission repairs.

Lots can go wrong with your transmission; the most common problems we see at Timberwood Lube range from a worn clutch to worn gear synchronization to dirty transmission fluid.

There are a variety of repairs that can be made to fix your transmission, including the replacement of any worn or frayed belts, replacement of contaminated fluids, adjusting the cables and linkages of the transmission, and checking bolts or hardware that may have loosened over time.

Inspecting potential transmission problems should be performed by a professional mechanic. The experienced transmission mechanics at a Kwik Kar near you can quickly diagnose your transmission problems and get started on repairs!

Signs That It’s Time For a Transmission Repair

Some of the obvious signs that it’s time to take for transmission repair are:

Overheating Vehicle

Check Engine Light is On

Leaking Transmission Fluid

Slipping Gears

Burning Smell


Humming Noises while in Neutral

Response Delay during Gear Shifts

Transmission Replacement

Sadly, there are times when a transmission may be beyond repair and require a full transmission replacement. This isn’t something the average technician can do and requires experience and the right equipment. 

Our transmission replacements can help you get your vehicle operating smoothly and safely on the roads once again.

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