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Filter Replacement Services

Vehicle filters play a crucial role in maintaining the health and performance of your vehicle in San Antonio, TX by trapping contaminants and preventing them from entering sensitive components. Regular inspection and replacement of these filters according to the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule done at Timberwood Lube are essential for preserving your vehicle's health, performance, and longevity.

ATV Filter Change

Why All Vehicle Filters Need Replacement

Over time, your car’s filters can become clogged with dirt, debris, and contaminants, reducing your vehicle’s performance.

Our filter replacement services include cabin air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, and diesel fuel filters.


Timberwood Lube is your one-stop shop for all automotive maintenance needs. Have our automotive experts help you accomplish this important step in extending the life of your car or truck.

Benefits of Filter Replacement

Engine Health:

A clean engine air filter promotes proper airflow, preventing dirt and debris from entering the engine and causing damage. This is especially important in San Antonio's dusty conditions, where a clogged air filter can lead to decreased engine performance and efficiency.

Cabin Comfort:

Replacing the cabin air filter ensures that the air circulating inside your vehicle remains clean and free from pollen, dust, and other allergens. This is crucial for San Antonio residents, especially during allergy season or when traversing dusty roads.

Fuel Efficiency:

A clean fuel filter prevents contaminants from reaching the engine and ensures proper fuel flow, which is essential for maximizing fuel efficiency—particularly important for San Antonio drivers navigating the city's traffic and highways.

Longevity of Vital Components:

Regularly replacing oil filters helps protect the engine by removing contaminants and impurities from the oil, thus extending the life of critical engine components.

Diesel Filters

Diesel filters are designed to manage a variety of contaminants thrown their way during engine use. A Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) is a specialized diesel filter that captures and traps particulate matter from diesel engine exhaust gases.


Diesel engines produce more particulate matter compared to gasoline engines.  DPFs are essential in reducing harmful emissions.


Over time, the trapped particles build-up, and the DPF goes through a process called regeneration where the trapped particles are burned off to prevent clogging.


Despite regeneration, diesel fuel filters should be changed every 10,000 – 15,000 miles. The auto experts at Kwik Kar know exactly what to put into your diesel vehicle and are prepared to make any critical replacements on your car or truck.

Diesel Filter Replacement
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