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Shocks & Struts Services

Our San Antonio-based service center specializes in expert shocks and struts services to keep your ride smooth and your driving experience enjoyable. Worn-out and damaged shocks and struts significantly reduce braking efficiency as well as premature tire wear. That’s why it’s so important to stay on top of regular maintenance checks for these components to ensure your vehicle is running at its best.

Shocks & Struts

What is a Shocks or Struts Service?

The majority of modern cars are built with a strut-type suspension, which is composed of an encircling coil spring and shock absorber. This design allows the vehicle to traverse bumpy terrain more smoothly by evenly distributing its weight across the car’s frame. Additionally, this system accumulates energy as it compresses and then releases it when needed.

From potholes, road salt, and age to normal deterioration of your vehicle, it doesn’t take long for the traditional bounce you felt when hitting a bump to become a harsh jolt. When braking is sudden, the nose dive can be significant.

Also, your car can accumulate dirt and sludge build-up on shock absorbers or struts. That means it may be time for a shock & strut replacement at Timberwood Lube!

The easiest way to test shocks & struts is by applying pressure at one corner of your vehicle. If there is more than one rebound when you lift up, shock and strut repair is in your future.

Vehicle’s Suspension System

The Differences Between Shocks & Struts

While they both serve similar functions, critical differences between shocks and struts should be taken into consideration when it comes to maintaining your car’s performance.

Shocks are typically found on vehicles with rear wheel drive and non-independent suspensions, while struts are used primarily on vehicles with front-wheel drive or independent suspensions.

Shocks work by absorbing impact from bumps in the road, while struts provide structural support for the vehicle’s suspension system and act as a pivot point for turning corners.

Struts also have a coil spring around them which helps absorb shock and provides additional stability to the vehicle during turns and braking maneuvers.

What to Expect After New Shocks or Struts?

After installing new shocks or struts, you can expect your vehicle to handle better, with improved stability and maneuverability.

You will also notice a smoother ride quality as the shock absorbers and struts work together to absorb the bumps in the road. In addition, installing new shocks and struts should help improve braking efficiency and reduce tire wear due to their ability to distribute weight across the car’s frame evenly.

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