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State Inspections

Hassle-free state inspections in San Antonio, TX! Our San Antonio-based service center offers efficient and professional state inspections to ensure your vehicle meets all legal requirements. At Timberwood Lube, we've got you covered.

State Inspection

Why do you need a State Inspection?

State inspections are a mandatory part of vehicle ownership in Texas, designed to ensure road safety and environmental compliance. Our expert technicians are state-certified, conducting thorough checks to verify your vehicle's compliance with state regulations.

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What is a State Inspection?

The inspection includes a visual check of the vehicle’s exterior and interior, as well as a test of the engine, brakes, and lights. If any defects are found, they must be repaired before the vehicle can pass the inspection.

In some cases, additional tests may be required, such as an emissions test for diesel-powered vehicles. The Texas state vehicle inspection is an important part of keeping our roads safe for everyone.

In Texas, all vehicles must pass a state vehicle inspection before they can be registered.

In order to pass a Texas state inspection, your vehicle must meet a certain set of criteria. The requirements vary depending on the type of vehicle, but they typically involve:​

  • An emissions test

  • Having functioning headlights

  • Having functioning tail lights

  • Having functioning turn signals

  • Testing seat belt function

  • Safe tire tread depth

  • Uncracked windshields

  • No leaking fluids

  • Brake tests

  • Having intact windshield wipers

  • Matching vehicle identification number (VIN)

If your vehicle passes all of these tests, then you will be issued a passing certificate and you will be able to legally operate your vehicle on Texas roads. From there, you can register your vehicle with your county and await your Texas registration sticker in the mail.

What to bring to your Texas State Inspection

You will need to provide a valid form of photo ID, along with proof of insurance on the vehicle being inspected.

*If you only have liability insurance, it will need to be through a Texas State provider.  

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